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MSpa Comfort TEKAPO Square 6 Person Bubble Spa

MSpa Comfort TEKAPO Square 6 Person Bubble Spa

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Our TEKAPO features an eye-catching metallic blue interior and premium charcoal grey exterior. Featuring over a hundred bubbling air jets to relax your body and mind, this spa is sure to brighten your space.

Quick Inflation
The COMFORT collection uses a simple inflatable hose for spa inflation. Utilizing our built-in control box, there is no need to fumble with fussy connectors. Simply connect your hose and click the bubble button to watch your spa rise.

Powerful Bubbling
For a truly immersive experience, our Air Jets Massage System creates thousands of bubbles from the bottom of the spa to surround you from all angles. Unlike our Hydromassage jets which are limited to 3-4 people, our Air Jets Massage System can be enjoyed by everyone in the tub at once!

MDC™ System

MSpa Direct Current System, which consists of a newly designed DC pump, specialized impeller, and water flow piping.

Stronger water flow: The water circulation speed is increased to 1800 Liters per hour, which is 36% better than before. It even costs lower energy than the last generation pump by 30%.

Safer to use: With the new TURBOFAN construction, the foreign objects will quickly get through the impeller

Longer service life: The super tough X-Ring guarantees 10, 000 hours of continuous operation
Size and Weight

Height: 27″ (68cm)
Width: 73″ (185cm)
Net Weight: 55.1 lb (25kg)
Filled Weight: 2,105.4 lb (955 kg)
Wired Controller
Air Jet Bubbles
Heat Tech
Energy Saving Timer
Anti-icing System
Smart Filtration
UVC Sanitizer
Antibacterial Fabric
Child Safety Lock

Up to 6 adults
Water Capacity

Filled to the Max. Water Line
245 Gallons (930 Liters)



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